‘A Different Brilliance’ At Orinda Library

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Brilliance, in all its forms, is the subject of the Bay Area Studio Artists’ show “A Different Brilliance” at the Orinda Library for the month of May.

The seven artists in BASA express “brilliance” in different ways: some using bright, saturated color and bold strokes, some finding delicate nuances of tonality. The diversity adds interest and movement to the exhibit.

In two collaborative pieces the group explores brilliance beyond the visual:

  • The painting “Robin: A Spark In the Dark” depicts the face of one of the most brilliant comics of our time, Robin Williams.
  • And the painting “Albert: Imagining Reality” explores some of the amazing thought experiments from the brilliant mind of Albert Einstein.

The show is on view at Orinda Library, 26 Orinda Way, Orinda, during normal library hours May 1 – May 31.